People are your platform

Writers Blogging #1: Finding Your Why

Platform. Many writers think this when they hear the word platform – blech.

And yet…

Whether you write nonfiction, fiction, or for children, blogging can build your platform by reaching out to the people who are interested in your words and may become buyers of your books.

If you are here…

  • You know a blog would help you build your writer platform,
  • You think you might enjoy blogging,
  • You’d really like to start a blog, but wonder where you’ll find the time.
  • Or, you are not convinced a blog would be worth the effort —

Think about these two scenarios:

You wrote the best book you have in you after serious effort, hard work, and time. Assume you’ve also spent mega time finding a publisher and finally, finally, your book is published by Great Publishing, Inc. A few people leave a book review. A few friends ask you how much money is rolling in. You ask what they thought of it and they admit they haven’t bought your book. It’s not a topic they are likely to read about.


You are writing the best book you can and looking for potential publishers. Meanwhile, you blog about the topic of your book.

  • It resonates with people who would be interested in reading it when it comes out.
  • Through their comments and through your posts you’ve found the direction your book needs to go and have discovered new avenues to pursue on the topic.
  • You are having conversations and getting ideas for who would buy your book and use it.
  • You learn how to find those people and keep talking to them, gathering new ideas.
  • When your book comes out, many have been pre-ordered and sales are good because the book is reaching the very people who want to know more about your topic or need the help you offer in your book.
  • Now you find out they need the next book as well…

Here’s what you gain with a writer’s blog:

  • You get to know, personally, your potential readers.
  • You gain insight into their concerns.
  • You discover which aspects from your book solves their problem, and which are unnecessary.
  • You learn what questions they have.
  • You’re inspired by their stories and motivated by their struggles.
  • And, you have fun writing because you know that your words are spot on and will make a difference in the lives of real people!

Reach your readers while you write your books – that’s what blogging is about for writers.

Great, you say. I’m in. Except, how do I even start?

My best recommendation is Jonathan Milligan’s Blogging Your Passion University where he offers a complete blogging course set up into three courses.  He teaches you how to launch, grow, and monetize your blog.

Why Blogging Your Passion?

  • Jonathan works on this full time. You can read his story here. His students’ success becomes his success.
  • Because Jonathan’s straightforward, plain-language teaching of the nitty-gritty, help with envisioning the big picture, and encouragement make you believe you can do this thing called blogging. And then do it.

He’s helped me and hundreds of others do it. I even became an affiliate of his courses because I believe they are the best out there.

Here’s a quick rundown.

Blogging101 Course

For those who have no technical knowledge, have no blog or domain name, and desire help just getting up and running. Also covers blog strategy, finding your passion, discovering your reader, and having a long-range plan.

Blogging 201 Course

For writers who have a blog, but no traffic. Some topics include writing posts, capturing emails, and getting blog traffic.

Blogging 301 Course

For writers who want to use their blog to also earn them money. Covers five models of generating income and how to use them for meeting the needs of readers.

Special Announcement:

Jonathan has just opened up his Fast Track Lab for new members just through this Saturday, April 29th. It’s a private members-only community to move you forward in blogging no matter where you are starting.

Check it out here….Fast Track Lab. He opens enrollment twice a year.

(Blogging Courses listed above are available year-round.)

Alright, writers! Don’t let the word platform be a burr under your saddle.

Make a decision to find your readers and you’ll discover you created your platform during the ride!

Click this link and get your FREE pdf of Five Questions For Starting A Writer’s Blog. It’s free and it just might help you discover that you can blog and it’s not so difficult to have a platform after all.

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