Dear writers,

We can all learn from each other and how we write. Everyone has a different story. Here’s the next one…

A glimpse of today’s writer:

Raised in a ministry home in the rural parts of south Georgia, Shauna Pilgreen now finds herself immersed daily in the reality of doing life in a global city. She and her husband, Ben, started Epic Church in the heart of San Francisco in 2010 that has become a multi-national church of 600+ people and families, diverse in age, ethnicity, viewpoints, income level, and faith background. Shauna is a coach and speaker to ministry families and a writer at

What are your writer beginnings?

I’ve written since I was a child. I used my free time to create plays for my sisters and I to perform and I also wrote up news scripts that I read aloud for the nightly news pretending to be Deborah Norville! I loved writing assignments in school and was a part of journalist clubs and yearbook staff up through college.

What do you write about and why?

Life gives us writing topics, doesn’t it? I write predominately about city living and family thriving. Living in a global city has opened my eyes to see beyond what my childhood theology taught me. Raising a family while doing ministry in an urban environment gives me many stories! This is what I’m living. This is what I’m writing. My neighbors in our online community find encouragement as we thrive as a family and learn to love where we live.

I love writing on my personal blog, but I have other projects going as well. I contribute regularly to the North American Mission Board blog where I get to encourage church planter families. I’m also working on a missional living book and have a few middle grade books swirling around in my head and on paper. That’s what happens to us writers, eh?

Writing is a part of my spiritual life. It never disconnects from that. I write because that is a gift from God and it is to be used solely to glorify Him. If I cease to make Him known through my words, I cease to write.

How do you keep your writing organized?

I always keep a journal with me. Always. I put a category beside my notes that distinguishes what it could be used for: blog, personal, book. It is my ideas book. I thumb through it and use these ideas to jumpstart a chapter or a blogpost.

So how many journals do you have now?

Too many too count! The last three are the most profitable as that is when I really started using the system of one journal at one time.

Are there other ways you keep your words organized?

I’m a fan of Scrivener and use it when I’m ready to flesh out chapters and a manuscript. I’m also a fan of a basic word document. I use this when I’m working on a few different drafts before I transfer it to a blog post.

What are your preferred writing times?

I am a morning person and prefer to be up before everyone else and get some solid writing done and definitely some solid praying in! My other writing times are a few days a week while the kids are in school. I have to be focused when I write with limited writing time while raising 4 kids and supporting our church plant.

A big thank you to Shauna for sharing herself with us! I love hearing how other women and moms work at writing.

You can find her here: and stop by her blog to find out about her new book contract. Congratulations, Shauna!

There is always hope,