Increase odds of getting published.


Recently, I heard the publishing business referred to as an odds game. The idea is that the more you submit, the higher your chances are of getting a piece published.

So, I told God that the odds were against me.

Am I not your partner in writing? You’re right, I said. The odds are against us, God, I amended.

When I realized what I’d just said to the God of the universe, I chuckled.

Then, I was stricken.

Why do I think about circumstances as if God is controlled by them?

Why do I forget that God is not bound by limitations, circumstances, boundaries, and my narrow perspective?

Write more. Send more writing out. Publish more.

I do think the formula works, if you are willing to learn. Remember your piano lessons? Basketball games? Cooking night after night? (OK, so maybe I didn’t get much better at cooking, but my kids have gotten really good at it.)

You get better the more you do something. But, you get better faster with a coach or teacher.

If you’re trying to get published, then find someone who has been published, is publishing, and who teaches.

I have several recommendations, but the one I’m mentioning in this post is the Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild.

Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild

Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, I can’t say enough good about his guild. Yes, you pay a fee, but it’s a fair fee. (I am not an affiliate of JJWG, but I am a member!)

It includes master classes, office hours, online classes, and interviews with successful authors.

One of the best features, though, is the Thick-Skinned Manuscript Critique where he shows you exactly what is wrong and edits a piece right before your eyes. And isn’t that what you need a coach to do for you?

Reading something and knowing there are problems is only the first step. Understanding how to fix the problems makes the knowledge useful and transferable to your own project.

The Guild opens periodically for membership and you can get on a notification list. Definitely check it out. You can check out Jerry’s blog as well at Did I mention he’s published 190 books? 21 of which are best-sellers??

One of the things I enjoy most is hearing writing talked about – the process, techniques, problems, and fixes. Listening to others who write validated my writing journey and made me feel less lonely.


Be willing to learn. Write. Find someone to help show you the way. Write, then leave it to God. Your odds just jumped.

To your writing success,