Do you ever sit down to write, pick up your pen or get the page opened, jump up for your tea, remember you wanted to get a load of laundry going…


Here are two strategies to combat those distractions we create ourselves!

  • A standing desk
  • Background chatter

Standing desk

If you are piling books to get your computer at the right height for standing, try a standing desk.

Set up right in front of a window, I use one daily. For some reason I still haven’t figured out, I am much less likely to keep taking off while writing.

The health benefits of standing instead of sitting continue to surprise me. I am not as tired as when I sit to write.

Keep moving around, though. Standing too long in one position also causes problems. Ask your store clerk.

However, stand for a timed session of writing. Load the laundry. Sit for your next session. Feed the dog. Stand…You get the idea.

Background chatter

Can’t get to your favorite coffee shop? Try Coffitivity to pretend you are there and get more writing done.

This productivity site provides a variety of background chatter to mimic a coffeeshop. Some varieties of this are free, others – like Texas Teahouse – are available for a small fee. (Would make a great gift idea for writers. In case someone in your family needs to know.)

You can adjust the sound as low or loud as you want, of course, and the style. Try it just for fun.

Anything that helps you use your writing time more productively is a good thing.

“As long as it is day, we must do the work of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work.” John 9:4 (NIV)

You don’t know how long you have to write today. So don’t wait. Use the time you have set aside for writing for writing.

Distractions will happen. That’s life.

But, we can eliminate or decrease the distractions we create ourselves.

Keep writing,






    2 replies to "How To Stop Distracting Yourself From Writing"

    • mintymango

      I’ve never heard of a standing desk before, but I personally love listening to rain sounds Makes me feel like I’m in my tent in the woods with only coffee and my notebook, kind of. 🙂

      • Robin

        I only learned about standing desks last year, but I wouldn’t part with mine now. Thanks for the site idea! I didn’t know that one, but I’ll look it up. Something special about being in your own world with a notebook, tea (for me), and time, isn’t there?

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