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When discouraged, disappointed, or weary of trying to write, look here for the jolt and help to get you going with enthusiasm again.

Being There: Christians in the Arts

Steve Turner originally wanted to title his book Imagine: A Vision for Christians in the Arts as Being There. He states: “I was calling them [Christians] not to a particular strategy and definitely not to a special subculture, but to simply “be there” where it counts and create something different and challenging by staying faithful…

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Have a Mind to Work Nehemiah 4:6

2 Ideas For Better Concentration in Creativity

First…Many or One? Do you concentrate better with several projects going at once? Or, do you have better concentration while working on one thing at a time and completing it before moving on to the next project? Neither manner is wrong nor is one better than the other. But, not knowing which works best for…

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Writing Is A Mental Game – What You Can Do To Win

It’s a mental game writers are very aware of… We know we have the words inside – if we could just get them out. We know we could write a book – if we just had the time. We know our writing is as good as other similar books we’ve read – if we could…

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Increase Your Publishing Odds

  Recently, I heard the publishing business referred to as an odds game. The idea is that the more you submit, the higher your chances are of getting a piece published. So, I told God that the odds were against me. Am I not your partner in writing? You’re right, I said. The odds are…

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Writing Is Work, So Is Being A Plumber

Does my plumber wonder if he was called to plumbing? Does he agonize over whether or not he should be doing it? When my washing machine breaks down, I don’t wonder whether or not he was called, I just want him to make it go again. How Writers Are Like Plumbers A plumber gets training,…

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One Way To Know If You’re A Writer

Is writing a calling? How do you know if you have it? I have studied the craft of writing for several years now and have a few published pieces and one book. Yet I reached a crisis. Why was I doing this? Working so hard? Studying so much? Writing words that no one saw? I…

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