Profit from the Christian Writers Market Guide

The Christian Writers Market Guide by Steve Laube is an invaluable tool for several reasons. I found 3 ways to use and profit from it. You can probably find more.

What can you learn from the Christian Writers Market Guide?

For straightforward, practical advice about writing publishable material, you can’t go wrong listening to Jerry Jenkins. Author of 190 books, he knows whereof he speaks.

In spite of our tendency to skip the foreward in a book, I highly recommend his in the CWMG for its realistic, yet hopeful message. It’s only two pages long. I still re-read it occasionally as a reminder of why I write.

Follow the few steps he outlines and you will move from writer wannabe to published writer more quickly than figuring things out on your own. And that’s just the foreward!

Three ways to use and profit from your own copy of the Christian Writers Market Guide:

  1. Study the list of conferences and seminars held around the country where you can connect with writers, publishers, agents, and editors. Pick one and go. Save up if you need to, but take your writing seriously enough to take the opportunity of meeting with other professional writers, publishers, agents, and editors. What you learn, if applied, will create momentum in your writing. And the profit? Besides a realistic view of what you need to do to be publishable, write an article with a slant about your experience attending the conference. In talking to a newsletter editor, I received feedback on the type of article she’d be interested in. Do you think I’ll write it? You bet.
  2. Find ideas for what you might write for publication. Seek inspiration from knowing that articles and books are published regularly. From angels to inspirational romance to Christian camping, faith and politics, families and health, you might find that inspirational writing is much broader than you first thought.
  3. Find markets for what you have written. Target your search by reading what particular markets look for and their differences, so you don’t waste time sending to the wrong places. Each listing includes the type of manuscripts they accept and where to find the guidelines for submitting.

As the book states, the Christian Writers Market Guide is “designed to make it easier for you to sell your writing.” Isn’t that what you want?

To your writing success,